The Hawai`i Access to Justice Commission, as required by Hawaii Supreme Court Rule 21(j), has prepared annual reports describing its activities during the prior 12-month periods since its creation in 2008.













APPENDICES – Table of Contents

APPENDIX A – Supreme Court Rule 21;

APPENDIX B – Commissioners;

APPENDIX C – Committees of the Hawaii Access to Justice Commission;

APPENDIX D – Committee Chairs and Members (2008 – 2009)

APPENDIX E – Commission Committee Protocol

APPENDIX F – Agenda of the July 23, 2008 Meeting

APPENDIX G – Agenda of the September 3, 2008 Meeting

APPENDIX H – Agenda of the November 3, 2008 Meeting

APPENDIX I – Agenda of the January 26, 2009 Meeting

APPENDIX J – Agenda of the March 23, 2009 Meeting

APPENDIX K – Agenda of the May 6, 2009 Meeting

APPENDIX L – Agenda of the July 20, 2009 Meeting

APPENDIX M – Agenda of the September 21, 2009 Meeting

APPENDIX N – Resolutions of Support by the Hawaii Access to Justice Commission

APPENDIX O – Testimony on Feb. 1, 2009 relating  to surcharge

APPENDIX P – Testimony on Feb. 4, 2009 relating to district court

APPENDIX Q – Testimony on Feb. 10, 2009 re grant-in-aid applications

APPENDIX R – Testimony on Feb. 26, 2009 relating to surcharge for indigent legal services

APPENDIX S – Order Establishing Foreclore Mediation Pilot Project in the State Third Circuit Court

APPENDIX T – Hawaii Judicial Pro Bono Policy

APPENDIX U – Proposed Amendment to the Commentary to Rule 2.2 of the Hawaii Revised Code of Judicial Conduct (Comment 5)

APPENDIX V – Proposed Amendment to Rule 3.7 of the Hawaii Revised Code of Judicial Conduct

APPENDIX W – Model Pro Bono Policy for Hawaii Law Firms

APPENDIX X – Model Policy for Government Attorneys Performing Pro Bono Work

APPENDIX Y – Supreme Court Rules 17 and 22 Regarding Mandatory Continuing Legal Education

APPENDIX Z – Legal Groups Striving to Meet Rule 6.1 – part 1 , part 2,  part 3part 4,  part 5,  part 6

APPENDIX AA – Air Dates on Olelo of the 2009 Access to Justice Conference

APPENDIX BB – Access to Justice Conference Agenda and Biographies of Speakers

APPENDIX CC – Access to Justice Conference handout: Civil Legal Needs and Barriers

APPENDIX DD – Access to Justice Conference Suggestions from the Breakout Discussions

APPENDIX EE – Article about funding (March 2008) “Increased Funding for Access to Justice by Bank ‘Rate Comparability’ in IOLTA Accounts”

APPENDIX EE – April 2008 article “A Hawaii Access to Justice Commission:  An Idea Whose Time Has Come”

APPENDIX EE – July 2008 article “Access to Justice Commission Named”

APPENDIX EE – Aug 2008 article  “Hawaii Supreme Court Increases Funding for Access to Justice Through Bank ‘Rate Comparability’ in IOLTA Accounts”

APPENDIX EE – Sept 2008 article  “Hawaii Banks Support Funding for Access to Justice”

APPENDIX EE – Oct 2008 article   “Should Hawaii Adopt a ‘Civil Gideon’ Requirement?”

APPENDIX EE – Dec 2008 articles

APPENDIX EE – Jan 2009  “The Impact of the Financial Crisis Upon the Hawaii Justice Foundation, Your IOLTA Account, and the Provision of Legal Services”

APPENDIX EE – Mar 2009 article  “Accessing Justice Through Mediation”

APPENDIX EE – April 2009 article  “Access to Justice:  The Domestic Violence Action Center”

APPENDIX EE – May 2009 article  “Access to Justice Commission Update: Government Pro Bono Policy”

APPENDIX EE – June 2009 article  “Access to Justice:  Hawaii Immigrant Justice Center”

APPENDIX EE – July 2009 article  “Access to Justice Commission Update:  Hawaii Revised Judicial Code and Foreclosure Mediation Proposals”

APPENDIX EE – Aug 2009 article  “Access to Justice: Hawaii Judicial Pro Bono Policy”; “Chief Justice John T. Broderick, Jr., New Hampshire Supreme Court”

APPENDIX EE – Sept 2009 article  “Crisis and Promise:  The 2009 Hawaii Access to Justice Conference”

APPENDIX EE – Oct 2009 articles  “The Legal Aid Society of Hawaii –Making a Difference One Case at a Time;” “Government Pro Bono Policy”

APPENDIX EE – Nov 2009 article  “Model Pro Bono Policy for Law Firms”

APPENDIX EE – Dec 2009 articles

APPENDIX FF Articles about the Access to Justice in the Pacific Business News