On January 22, 2010, representatives from five law-related groups assembled for a roundtable conversation on linguistic and cultural barriers that hinder–if not completely block– access to justice for certain individuals in the state.  The five roundtable participants were:

  • Hawaii Access to Justice Commission Committee on Overcoming Barriers to Access to Justice (represented by B. Martin Luna, Chair, Calvin Pang, Mary Anne Magnier, Elton, Johnson, L. Dew Kaneshiro, Nanci Kreidman, Russ Awakuni, and Debbie Shimizu)
  • Hawaii Supreme Court Committee on Equality and Access to the Courts (represented by Co-Chairs, Judge Daniel Foley and Frances Lum)
  • Hawaii Supreme Court Committee on Court Interpreters and Language Access (represented by Christine Kubota and Professor Suzanne Zeng (of the University of Hawaii’s Center for Interpretation and Translation Studies)
  • Judiciary’s Office on Equality and Access to the Courts (represented by Melody Kubo)
  • HSBA Committee on Diversity, Equality, and the Law (represented by Jennifer Rose and Jan Tamura)
An article about this inaugural meeting of the Roundtable was published in the Hawaii Bar Journal, June 2010 issue.  Please click here for a copy of the article:  Roundtable Meeting on Linguistic and Cultural Access to Justice (Hawaii Bar Journal June 2010)
Please click here for a copy of the flowchart showing the various entities:  Roundtable flowchart