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Save the date:   Friday, June 25, 2021.   The Hawai‘i Access to Justice Conference, sponsored by the Hawai‘i Access to Justice Commission, will be an all-day event.  Please attend to be part of an exciting, provocative discussion about seeking justice for the underserved, including opportunities for audience participation.  

          The keynote speaker will be Honorable Nancy Gertner (Ret.) who is on the faculty of the Harvard Law School.   Opening remarks will be given by Hawai‘i Supreme Court Chief Justice Mark Recktenwald and Chair of the Commission, former Second Circuit Judge Joseph Cardoza.

          Hawai‘i-licensed attorneys attending this event can receive five continuing legal education (“CLE”) credits and one ethics credit hour, which will satisfy in full the yearly three-credit CLE requirement.  At least one credit of ethics is required every three years — to be counted towards the annual CLE requirement.  (Three credits may be carried forward to the next year, so attendance meets the current year and next year’s CLE requirements in full.)  See Hawai‘i Supreme Court Rule 22.

The agenda and the registration form for the conference are noted below: