CLASS ACTION RESIDUAL FUNDS ASSIST NONPROFIT LEGAL SERVICE PROVIDERS   The law firms of Perkins & Faria and Bickerton Dang presented the non-profit legal service providers, Volunteer Legal Services Hawaii and Legal Aid Society of Hawaii, over $107,000 each in cy pres funds on June 14, 2016.  Both law firms … [read more]

Hawaii Supreme Court Rule 21 requires the Hawaii Access to Justice Commission to issue annual reports on its activities and periodic reviews of its progress toward the goal of substantially increasing access to justice in civil legal matters for low- and moderate-income Hawaii residents. The report below briefly highlights accomplishments … [read more]

The Hawaii Access to Justice Conference sponsored by the Hawaii Access to Justice Commission attracted over 250 attendees at the all-day event at the William S. Richardson School of Law, University of Hawaii at Manoa on Friday, June 24, 2016. The keynote speaker was Jonathan Lippman, former Chief Judge of … [read more]

2015 Pro Bono Celebration - Hawaii Supreme Court Courtroom

“Without the tremendous work and dedication of the staff, boards, and volunteers of the nonprofit legal services providers, thousands in our community would be denied access to justice.”              — Hon. Daniel R. Foley, Chair, Hawaii Access to Justice Commission The Hawaii Access to Justice Commission’s Pro … [read more]