he Access to Justice Commission, which was created in May, 2008 by the new Hawai`i Supreme Court Rule 21, formed several committees to assist in carrying out its work. Specifically, the Commission initially established three committees intended to address operational issues for the Commission and ten subject matter committees.

The charter responsibilities for the committees, which were adopted by the Commission, are drawn from the purposes of the Commission, as set forth in Rule 21, and the Action Plan proposed by the Access to Justice Hui in the latter part of 2007. The following substantive committees were established:

Committee on Funding of Civil Legal Services
Committee on Increasing Pro Bono Legal Services
Committee on the Right to Counsel in Certain Civil Proceedings
Committee on Self-Representation and Unbundling
Committee on Overcoming Barriers to Access to Justice
Committee on Initiatives to Enhance Civil Justice
Committee on Education, Communications, and Conference Planning
Law School Liasion Committee

Individuals interested in serving on one of the committees are invited to express their interest and provide the application below and a resume to Brian A. Costa, Costa & DeLacy, LLLC, Union Plaza, Suite 603, 1136 Union Mall, Honolulu, HI 96813, or by email to <brian@costadelacy.com>.  Mr. Costa is a member of the Administration Committee of the Hawai`i Access to Justice Commission.